Grow with Jupa





  1. 1
    Turn inside out
  2. 2
    Remove the “grow” stitches
  3. 3
    Legs & sleeves 1 ½” inches longer

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Jupa® garments are made of durable fabrics with waterproof polyurethane Dridux® coating on the back (10000mm) that is also breathable (5000gsm/m2/24h) as well as an extra water repellent finish on the front of the fabric to keep you dry.



Our garments are designed for cold winters. We use Thermadux® high-loft hollow core insulation that traps warm air. Its excellent quality construction makes it stay put and ensures a long-lasting comfort.

Thermadux Soft®


Thermadux Soft® is made of small balls of insulation that expand in clothing. This high loft insulation is a good substitute for down; by its look and by the comfort it provides. It is warm and easy to care for.

Thermadux Light®


Thermadux Ligh® has an excellent and lighter fi ber construction that allows better freedom of movement. It is a hollow core insulation that traps warm air and blocks heat loss to keep you warm and comfortable.


  • Oxford (boys)

    • 2 layers (fabric + coating)
    • 100% polyester (printed or solid)
    • Waterproof (10000 mm)
    • Breathable (5000 gsm/24h)
    • Water repellent finish (W/R)
  • Dobby (girls)

    • 2 layers (fabric + coating)
    • 100% polyester (printed or solid)
    • Waterproof (10000 mm)
    • Breathable (5000 gsm/24h)
    • Water repellent finish (W/R)
  • Pongee

    • 2 layers (fabric + coating)
    • 100% solid polyester
    • Waterproof (2000mm)
    • Water repellent finish (W/R)
  • Microfibre

    • 100% printed polyester
    • Water repellent finish (W/R)
  • Micro Polar Fleece (1st layer & accessories)

    • 100% embossed polyester
    • Anti-pilling


All Jupa® garments are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for one full year from the date of purchase.


Jupa® garments can be machine washed and dried (at low temperature). Our bonded polyurethane coating lasts wash after wash.


Rugged construction and quality fabrics make this garment very durable. Our fabrics are tested to prevent abrasian, tearing and to improve the washability and longevity of our products.


Our garments have elasticized hoods. Our hem drawcords have a maximum exposed length of 2 inches. All our garments have reflective trimmings to off er better security in the dark.